association in a company name

Using association in a company name!

In the UK it is not possible to select any company name for your business. There are regulations protecting the use of some words and expressions.

Companies House treat the word “ASSOCIATION” as sensitive when used in a company name. For example you cannot simply choose to call your company QWERTY ASSOCIATION LIMITED.

To use this word in a company name the company should normally be limited by guarantee (not for profit). In addition, the articles of association should include a non-profit distribution clause. This clause provides that any profits should be used to further the objects of the company and not be paid to the members as dividends. The articles should also include a one member one vote clause.

These requirements do not apply if the company is a residents or tenants association.

It is not typically allowed for a normal ‘profit making’ company to include the word association within its company name.

Company Formation

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Help with your company formation!

If you want to submit an application with the word association in a company name, we can assist. You will need to select the right type of legal entity and choose to use bespoke articles of association. Please contact us if you need assistance with this.

Register a Guarantee Company!

Customers can register a limited by guarantee company online. During the process you can select the not for profit guarantee option and proceed as normal. When choosing the articles of association you will need bespoke articles of association with the correct clauses. This will allow you to form a new company with association in the business name.

You can also select the same day company formation option.

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