During the lifetime of a limited company it is likely there will be a need to change its address on multiple occasions. It is important to ensure accurate records are maintained as the company address is used by government offices and customers to communicate with the business. During the process of an address change there are many things a company director must oversee from finding a suitable office to negotiating rental agreements. With so many things to consider it is easy to see why there may be an oversight with updating your address details.

Below is a list of some important locations where your address is stored and displayed which you must update to ensure your company continues to receive important communication.

Companies House

As the registrar of all UK companies it is important to update Companies House records as failure to do so may result in you missing a filing deadline or important notice from the UK government. In addition to recording the registered office address Companies House also record a service address for the officers of the company. If you have opted to use the registered office as the service address for the company officers you will also need to update this information. The registered office of a company is updated by filing the AD01 form. If you want to change the address of a company officer you will need to file a change of officer details form. These are forms CH01 – CH04, the form you require will depend on if you are changing the address for a director or secretary.


Updating the UK tax authority with your new address is arguably one of the most important to remember as they will write to your company regarding tax filings. If you fail to submit your tax documents on time HMRC can issue large financial penalties. If you update Companies House with a new address this will eventually be passed to HMRC however we advise writing to your local tax office to notify them as soon as possible to prevent missing any deadlines.


A website is generally the first place potential customers will locate your company and if your general trading address is also your registered office address you will need to update the contact details on your website. Depending on your type of business customers may need to write to you at your address or even visit the address in person, which is why it is important to display an accurate address or it could result in lost sales. It is also a legal requirement for UK companies to display their official registered office address on their website. To ensure you comply with the government regulations and to prevent any potential action against your company you need to display an accurate registered office address.

Letterheads and Written Communication

Similar to displaying your registered office address on a company website it is also a legal requirement to display the registered office address on written communication with your clients. This includes invoices issued by the company and any notices sent to clients on the company letter headed paper. This may require you to have new stationary printed for your company.


All UK companies require a bank account to receive payments from customers and pay for goods required by the company. If you still receive statements by post failing to update your bank with the new address will mean you miss important correspondence such as bank statements and credit card bills which can be costly. Banks may also post items such as cheque books or notices regarding any changes to your bank account so it is important to ensure your bank has accurate contact details.

These are some of the places we would advise you to update with your new address as soon as you have moved. It is likely there are other organisations you will need to update with your new address and it may be helpful to keep a record of these and when you have updated them.