Companies registered in Scotland are legally required to maintain an effective registered office address at all times. This address is used by Companies House and HM Revenue & Customs. Our Edinburgh registered office service allows our address to be used by these two organisations and includes the forwarding of the government mail.

Home based business may not want to have their address recorded at Companies House. We provide our address to many small businesses that operate from residential addresses. This provides some privacy as opposed to having a home address recorded on Companies House register which is available online to all members of the public.

If your company has moved away from Scotland and no longer has a real Scottish address then a service address is the ideal solution. A Scottish registered company cannot simply change it’s ‘official address’ to one located in another country. The company can maintain a separate address for general business communication, but mail from HMRC and Companies House is always sent to the registered office. Failure to maintain an effective address may lead to a company being dissolved.

Business owners may relocate on a regular basis as jobs and contracts move them around the country. Therefore using a registered office service for their company allows them to move regularly whilst the company address remains fixed. We can then forward post to any location provided.

For more information on our Scotland Registered office in Edinburgh please visit the following webpage – Edinburgh Registered Office

SFS has provided registered office services to customers for many years. Some of our oldest customers first purchased services from us in the 90’s! Trust a reputable company with your registered office service. We can provide your company with informative support. Your company deserves more than just a mailbox.

Buy your Edinburgh registered office service now for only £75 plus vat. Simply click the button below, register with our service and start using our address in Scotland as your company address.

Edinburgh Registered Office