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The Fixed Price Virtual Address Service

We take pride in providing professional, flexible mail forwarding solutions. We have prestigious office addresses in Coventry, London and Edinburgh available at competitive prices.
Find out why our virtual address service will benefit you.

How does the service work?

We are pleased to offer a low cost virtual address for existing businesses, new start-ups and personal customer. Our fixed price virtual address service provides you with a real office location to use as the address for your business or personal mail. Using our service provides clients, whether they are small companies or home based businesses or personal customers, with peace of mind that their forwarding address remains private.

You can add our address to websites, letterheads, business cards, invoices, quotations, emails and any other genuine documents. Once you have purchased the service you can start using the address immediately.

When the post arrives at our office we sort all mail by business name or personal name if you have a personal mail forwarding service with us and prepare this for dispatch. Mail is then recorded against your record and posted to you at your preferred address anywhere in the world (higher fee applies for non UK forwarding addresses).

Your service will last for 12 months or until you have used the fixed number of items included in the service. For example, if you purchase a service with 60 items of mail included, then your service is active for 12 months. During this time we will forward up to 60 letters to you. If you reach 60 items before the end of the 12 months the service will be due for renewal when your limit is reached.

Why do customers order this service?

Our service is suitable for Companies, LLPs, Sole Traders and personal customers. We receive your incoming mail at our address and forward it on to your address which remains private between you and us.

  • Privacy – keep your own address private

  • Worldwide forwarding – we can forward your mail within the UK or overseas

  • Prestige – our addresses are all professional city centre addresses. Perfect if you operate from home or need your address to convey a professional image.

  • Cost effective – we aim to offer one of the most competitive services available

  • Experience – with over 20 years providing virtual address service you are in safe hands

  • Great customer service – we are here to help. We always answer the phone during business hours and respond to emails within a few hours. Not many companies can say that these days!

Benefits of using our address!

These are just some of the benefits of using our virtual address services.

  • Fixed Fee: You don’t need to be burdened by confusing price structures and hidden fees.

  • Choose the service that is right for you: Every business is different and our packages reflect this.

  • Flexible: Situations change and we realise that, upgrade your service at any time as your business grows.

  • Support: Our service extends far beyond mail forwarding, we have a qualified team of advisors at hand to answer any business enquiries you may have.

  • Easy set up: Purchase your service using our easy to use website and rest assured that the service will be set up within a few working hours.

  • Reliable: We want you to keep your service with us and understand the importance of offering a reliable and consistent service.

Our Address Locations

We know that one solution does not fit all circumstances. We are pleased to offer several address locations for our customers to choose from. Select from Coventry, London, or Edinburgh.

Coventry Office

Low Cost - Great Value - City Centre location

The Coventry Address

The Apex
2 Sheriffs Orchard

London Office

Central London - The Capital City

The London Address

Crown House
27 Old Gloucester Street

Edinburgh Office

Scottish Address - Capital City

The Edinburgh Address

Summit House
4-5 Mitchell Street

What is not included in the service?

  • To prevent abuse of our address we limit the maximum weight of envelopes to 1KG per item. This is approximately the weight of a large yellow pages or a clothes catalogue. It is most unlikely that your business will receive an envelope of business documents above this weight. In the event that we do receive an item of mail that is larger than 1KG we may contact you to discuss delivery options and costs. We reserve the right to return such an item to sender.

  • We do not allow any goods or parcels to be delivered to our address. To maintain a ‘safe’ address for all of our customers we ask that you arrange deliveries of goods to be made to your physical location. This prevents would be fraudsters targeting our addresses to try obtain goods by deceit or fraud. It is essential that we protect our reputation and the reputation of our addresses that clients are using.

  • If your service expires and you do not pay to renew this, then no further mail is processed. Your service will last for 12 months or until we have forwarded the agreed number of items under the service, whichever occurs first. Upon expiry your service is due for renewal and no further items will be posted to you. We will invite you to renew the service at the relevant time.

  • We do not provide a scan and email service. There are two reasons for this – firstly, opening letters, scanning documents and preparing emails takes a lot of time and would increase the cost of the services. Secondly, some of your mail may be personal, financial or contain security passwords. We prefer not to have access to this information and emailing such documents is not secure.

  • Mail will be held if requested proof of identity documents have not been been provided. Please see our identification requirements for more information.

How much does a virtual address cost?

Fixed Price - 30 Items

£100a year
  • Forwarding up to 30 letters
  • Registered Office Included
  • Use the Address Immediately

Fixed Price - 60 Items

£15000a year
  • Forwarding up to 60 letters
  • Includes the registered office
  • Begin using our address today

Fixed Price - 100 Items

£20000a year
  • Forwarding up to 100 letters
  • Registered Office Included
  • Order and use the address today

What are you waiting for? Get your virtual address today!