MLR for Corporate Owners

Companies with Corporate Structures and MLR

Customers ordering on-going services from SFS are required to provide us with identification documents. It is essential that we ‘know our clients’ and ask customers to provide documents confirming their identity.

If you have purchased a registered office, mail forwarding service or other continuous service we will ask you to provide documents confirming who you are. This still applies for customers that have more complex business structures.

Where the company that is using our service will be owned by another business or may have a corporate entity appointed as the director we need to confirm the beneficial owners. In these cases we will carry our more detailed due diligence to fully identify the real people behind the corporate entities.

If we are unable to satisfactorily identify the real beneficiaries then we are not permitted to supply the service under anti-money laundering regulations.

Company Formation

  • Full company documents

What identification do we require for corporate structures?

Any business using our services that has a corporate structure rather than individuals that own the company we need the identification detailed below.

For the corporate entity that owns the UK company we need the following-

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Incorporation forms confirming structure and identity of beneficial owner(s)
  • Copy of driving licence photo card or a copy of passport of the beneficial owner(s)
  • Utility bill or bank statement in the name of the beneficial owner(s) dated within the last 3 months

All customers must complete the client registration process detailed on this page.

When there are two or more corporate officers that own a UK business using our service we request that all beneficial owners or controlling parties provide proof of ownership and relevant identity documents.

Requests for identification may vary case by case subject to the structure of your company. In the event we require more identification we will contact you.

Failure to provide correct identification may result in services being cancelled. For complex structures we may not be able to complete the due diligence and will be unable to provide the service. Companies connected to tax havens will not be accepted.

Why do we need more identification for corporate structures?

If your UK business has corporate officers then we have to conduct greater background checks. Someone within the hierarchy of the company has control over the business. We need to identify the beneficial owners or people with controlling interest. Having corporate officers does not avoid the anti Money Laundering Regulations.