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Virtual address for just £10 per month

virtual office addressWhat image does your business address give to your potential or existing clients? Are you operating as a home based business or perhaps from an address that does not quite conjure the right image? How would you like to open a branch in a different area? Perhaps it is time to consider a virtual address service for as little as £10 per month.

The right business address can inspire confidence and encourage new customers or clients to deal with you. If a potential customer can see you have a commercial address they can often feel there is a simple way to contact you in the unlikely event an issue arises after ordering from you. For example, when you personally buy online from a company you have never used before do you check out who and where they are? If there is no contact address and information on who you are buying from do you still place your order? Perhaps your business is more face to face, out there meeting potential clients. When you hand over a business card or brochure does it have your address on it?

It may also be a legal requirement for you to publish your address under certain circumstances, especially if your business is a limited company.

What is a virtual address/mail forwarding service?

A virtual address is an address that you can use as if it were your own address. Any mail received at the address will be forwarded on to you at your designated forwarding address, pretty simple really. The way our service operates is that we agree with you what name your mail will be addressed to and we identify the mail by that name. For example if you are ‘Green Fingers Gardening Limited’ then we know all mail addressed to that company name belongs to you. The significance of this is that we do not ask you to use suite numbers, department numbers or PO boxes in the address, it simply is your name/business name and then the full address. For anyone that sees the address written down they will assume you have a physical location there.

Who is it for?

There are a number of reasons for using a virtual address but the following are some of the most common –

We can provide the address to both personal and business users.

Home based businesses – Clients operating from home may not want to publicise their home address or the address may be very obviously residential. By using a virtual address their home address is only known to us and our central business addresses are clearly commercial premises.

Overseas non-UK clients – If you operate from outside of the UK and have a registered limited company you are legally required to provide a registered office address in the country where your business is registered. Using a UK address can give you access to the UK market place and we can forward any mail received for you overseas.

Looking to expand? – Our address can be used to give the impression you have a base in the local area of London, Coventry or Edinburgh. Many businesses find their customers chose them because they are local so a virtual address can offer this benefit.

Are you in short term rented/leased accommodation and need a more permanent and stable address? - If you or your business are moving around a lot but don’t want to keep changing your business address then a virtual address can be an ideal solution. We can forward your mail to wherever you are subject to you being able to satisfy some basic identity checks. That way your virtual business address remains fixed regardless of where you are actually located.

What does it cost?

Our fees are payable annually and our Coventry address is currently priced at only £120 per year including VAT. That is equivalent to just £10 per month. This fee covers the forwarding of Registered office and general business items. Full details are available here – Mail Forwarding Service

Will my clients/customers know it’s a virtual address?

There is no reason for anyone to assume one of our addresses is a virtual address. The address that we supply to you is the same address we use for our own business and our head office is based at the Coventry address. We identify your mail by your name or your company name depending on which service you have purchased from us.

How secure is the service?

We take client confidentiality very seriously. If anyone calls us asking for information about a client we simply tell them to write to the client at the address. We will not provide any information about you or your forwarding address. Certain legal authorities do have the power to obtain this information from us and we will always cooperate with trading standards and the Police to aid any form of investigation.

While your mail is in our office we handle it carefully and professionally to ensure it reaches you quickly and in the same condition we received it.

How do I buy your virtual address service?

The simplest way to order the virtual address service is on our website here - Mail Forwarding Service
Alternatively you can call us and we will happily take your order over the telephone. We set the service up the same day we receive payment.

Are there any other points I should know?

The most important point to be aware of is that we are legally required to know who our customers are. We therefore ask you to supply proof of identity within two weeks of purchasing the service from us. In most cases we will ask you to scan and email a few documents to us to prove your identity.

We do not accept parcels or goods at any of our addresses so the service is not suitable as a returns address or for ordering goods through.

All services are payable annually in advance. Monthly equivalent is provided to show how economical our services are if you look at them on a monthly basis. Vat will be added at the prevailing rate.

Prices correct as at December 2016.