UK Company Formation

UK Company Formation for Non Residents

Forming a company in the UK is popular for many business owners living outside the UK. In the UK, company registration is simple and only costs a few pounds.

The low start up costs and simple incorporation process makes the UK a popular location for many of our international customers looking to start a new business.

Our service includes the formation of your company in just a few hours. We form thousands of companies for customers all over the world and provide you with all the legal documents you require.

The online company registration will provide you with all your company documents online the instant the company is formed.

UK companies must have a UK registered office address. When forming the company on our website you can choose to use one of our address services at the time of incorporation.

UK Company Formation

From £9400
  • Full Company Documents
  • 12 months UK Registered Address Included

What information is required?

  • A company name that is not already in use in the UK

  • A UK registered office (we can provide this)

  • One company director that is at least 16 years old

  • One company shareholder – this can be the director

Does a non-UK resident director affect the company formation process?

In relation to the registration of the company there are no differences. The process is exactly the same for all company directors regardless of where they live. However, if you do not have an address within the UK to use as your ‘official registered address’ for the company then you will need to use a registered office service which we can provide for you. You simply select our address during the registration process.