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Virtual Office Help and Advice!

Using a virtual address is quite straight forward. Mail arrives at our office addressed to your business, we sort it, add a new address and postage before we send it to you. However, we understand you may have a few questions about the service.

There are two main address services that we offer. The first service is the basic ‘registered office services’ for limited companies and LLPs to use at Companies House. Secondly, we offer a more comprehensive ‘virtual address service’ for businesses to use as their main address.

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We provide different types of address services for UK companies and partnerships that are registered at Companies House. You may need a basic registered office service for government letters and legal notices or choose a more flexible mail forwarding solution.

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In most circumstances, each mail service is purchased for an individual name. Mail is sorted and processed by the name on the envelope so each business using our service will need its own service in place.

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Yes, you can use our address on your website. Customers with a full virtual address service can display this as the main point of contact.

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The simple answer is no, we do not permit parcels or goods to be received at any of addresses on behalf of clients with any type of mail forwarding service.

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Use the company name as the first line of the address – this will avoid mail being rejected as incorrectly addressed. If we receive envelopes with no company name included, it is very difficult to identify this as your mail.

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If a client or customer of yours calls at our address looking for you or your company we have to explain that we are virtual address service. We will invite them to leave a letter or recommend they contact you by phone or email.

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Our postal team work had to forward post to our customers as quickly as possible. If you have not received an item you should check it was correctly addressed, your company name was included on the envelope and sufficient postage was added.

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We will never disclose your personal information to members of the public. Any personal details we hold regarding our clients are kept secure and will only be provided to authorities that have the authority to access our records e.g. The Police or HMRC. We will always verify a persons authority before acting on any such request.

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