appointing company director

How to Appoint a Company Director?

Company directors and secretaries are collectively termed ‘company officers’. Company officers can be appointed and resigned at Companies House very simply by filing an official form.

You can file most forms online at Companies House. They are typically accepted and processed within just a few hours. Posting forms to Companies House is considerably slower. Most forms sent by post are processed in around 5-10 working days.

We recommend all companies register for online filing to save time and money.

Company Formation

  • Full company documents

What Forms Do You Need?

If appointing a new director you will need either form AP01 or AP02.

Related Companies House Forms
Appointing Officers
AP01 Appointment of Director
AP02 Appointment of Corporate Director
AP03 Appointment of Secretary
AP04 Appointment of Corporate Secretary
Terminating Officers
TM01 Terminating appointment as Director
TM02 Terminating appointment as Secretary

All forms can be filed online or downloaded from Companies House. We provide a selection of forms online –  Companies House Forms.

Filing Forms

The appropriate form may be filed online using the Companies House Web Filing Service. Alternatively, the form can be downloaded from our website. The downloaded form can be filed manually by posting a completed and signed hard copy to the Companies House address situated in your company’s country of incorporation.

Requirements When Appointing a Director.

UK limited companies need to keep at least one person appointed as a company director. They must be

  • At least 16 years old
  • Not disqualified as director
  • Provide a home address for Companies House
  • A service address can also be provided for the public register

Any director being appointed must understand their obligations of being a director.