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Virtual Address Service

Take your business virtually anywhere while we look after your business letters.

Select one of our office locations to use as your business virtual address.

registered office

Registered Office

The registered office address is a basic address service for LTD companies and LLPs. It includes the processing of mail from HMRC and Companies House. This keeps your address off the public records. It is not to be used for all business communication.

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Fixed Price Virtual Address

The Fixed Price Mail Forwarding packages offer great value for money. You choose how many items you expect to receive each year (e.g. 30, 60 or 100 letters). Included within the service is the registered office mail AND general business letters.

virtual office address

Flexible Virtual Address

Some customers prefer a more flexible mail forwarding service. We hold a deposit on record and deduct postage costs plus administration fees from your deposit. This is preferred by customers that expect higher volumes of mail.

Registered Office Service

The Registered Office Service can be ordered by Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships. If you only need an address for Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs for corporation tax, this service is ideal.

You can provide one of our addresses to the government as the official registered office. The address can also be used by company directors or LLP partners as their service address. Yes, a FREE directors service address!

If you want more than just the registered office service, take a look at our Fixed Price Address packages.

Registered Address Only

From £4000per year
  • Companies House & HMRC Mail

If you own a limited company or LLP then you may want to keep your address private. Companies House display the address of all registered companies on a public register for anyone to see. We support thousands of businesses across our office locations to protect their home addresses. By purchasing our registered address or virtual address service you can keep your own address away from the public register maintaining your privacy.

Managing Director, Small Firms Services Ltd

Fixed Price Virtual Address

The fixed price virtual address service is ideal for small, or home based businesses, expecting a low volume of mail each year. You simply purchase the service that includes the number of envelopes you anticipate receiving each year.

No extra fees, no deposit and no other admin fees. One fee for a 12 month service. Mail forwarding made simple!

We even include the registered office service AND directors service address within the price. Yes, really!  This will save you £50-£100 when compared to many service providers.

How many letters?

  • 30 Letters – Get’s you started

  • 60 Letters – For growing businesses

  • 100 Letters – For the busy business

Wherever you are in the world, you can keep a UK address.

Whether you are located in the same city as us or based in Timbuktu you can use one of our office locations as your own business address. We have customers in countries all around the world and many on our door step.

How much is the fixed price virtual address?

The fee for your service will depend on three simple factors. Firstly, the number of letters you want us to forward in a 12 month period. Secondly the address you choose. Finally, whether we are sending mail to you in the UK or overseas (you won’t be surprised to learn that sending mail overseas can cost 3 or 4 times the price of UK post).

The following prices represent a UK based customer choosing our Coventry address. Remember, these prices include using our address as the registered office AND the directors service address.

Start Up - 30 Items

£100a year
  • Forwarding up to 30 letters
  • Registered Office Included
  • Use the Address Immediately

Growing Business - 60 Items

£15000a year
  • Forwarding up to 60 letters
  • Includes the registered office
  • Begin using our address today

Busy Business - 100 Items

£20000a year
  • Forwarding up to 100 letters
  • Registered Office Included
  • Order and use the address today

Flexible Virtual Address Service

While many of our customers do not expect high volumes of mail, we have those that anticipate receiving several letters every week.

The flexible address service is for businesses that expect higher quantities of mail each year. We do not limit you to the number of items you can receive under the service, you simply pay a mail deposit to cover the postage fees. If your business will receive more than a few items of mail every month then we offer this flexible service that can handle higher volumes of envelopes

How does it work? We have a set annual fee for maintaining the service. You then pay a deposit which is held on account. Whenever we receive and forward letters to you, we deduct the postage costs and an administration fee from your deposit.

Please note – we do not include the registered office service within our flexible package. You will need to order this in addition.