Great Value Company Products

Here at SFS we are leaders in providing high quality products at the most competitive prices in the market.

We can supply a full range of company seals to emboss your company documents with your company name. To improve the presentation of your paperwork we can supply you with company seal wafers.

You may need one of our hard back company registers to keep your company’s details up to date. We can supply company registers for limited companies, LLPs, charity or guarantee companies.

Company Seals

Our range of quality company seals are provided at market leading prices. Used for embossing documents a company seal is useful for contracts, certificates, legal forms and company documents.

hand held seal

Hand Held Seal

A low cost option for anyone requiring a company seal for occasional use. This hand held unit is lightweight and easy to take anywhere. Embossing up to 100gsm paper it is suitable for most standard business stationery.

desk company seal

Desk Top Seal

Using a simple plier mechanism to emboss documents the seal is suitable for occasional use on standard papers up to 100gsm. The added feature to this product it that the seal is attached to a wood base for desk top placement.

aluminium desk top seal

Strong Company Seal

Embossing up to 160gsm papers and cards this seal is suitable for frequent use. Finished in cast aluminium the seal is sturdy but not too heavy. The seal also has a longer reach onto papers thanks to the bevelled neck allowing papers to be scrolled into position.

notary embossing seal

Notary Seal

A favourite with solicitors and notary publics this seal is finished in black with a decorative pattern. This seal will emboss papers up to 160gsm and is ideal for legal service providers that choose to emboss documents in public.

Company Registers – Statutory Books

A range of quality hard back registers for limited companies and limited liability partnerships.

All UK companies are legally required to keep a register detailing the company officers and members. This hard back ring binder supplied in black contains all of the standard legal sections required under the Companies Act 2006.

company register for limited by shares company

Limited Company Registers

Suitable for most limited by shares companies (normal profit making companies).

Limited Liability Partnership Combined Registers

LLP Registers

Statutory books for Limited Liability Partnerships and includes membership certificates for partners.

guarantee company register

Guarantee Company Registers

Perfect for guarantee companies (not-for-profit) and charities. Includes member certificates.

minute book

Minute Book

Keep all your company minutes recorded in one useful book. Hardback folder with loose leaf pages you can remove.

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