coventry cathederal in city centre near to coventry address

Coventry Registered Office

Our Coventry address is very popular as it provides excellent value for money whilst being centrally positioned in the UK. The office is based in the city centre near to many large solicitors and accounting firms.

This address is ideal for a wide range of UK companies, Limited Liability Partnership’s (LLP) and companies Limited by Guarantee (not for profit organisations) with directors who need a reliable address service.

If you are looking for a reliable, cost effective registered office service for your UK business we will be pleased to assist you.

Coventry Registered Office

£4000Per Year
  • Excellent service at low cost

What is included in the service?

Order our address service as the Registered Office for your company or LLP. Companies House and HMRC will then display our address on their records. The service includes forwarding the  government mail received at our office to your home address!

  • Letters and notices from Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs

  • Legal notices and official registered office mail

  • Postage costs included in the annual fee – nothing more to pay

  • Directors service address – directors can use the address as their service address at Companies House

Keep Your Address Private

When you register a Limited company or LLP, the registered office address is displayed online at Companies House and on hundreds of websites. Using our service will keep your home address private from the public.

Do you need more than just a registered office address?

The registered office service is specifically for UK registered LTD companies and LLP’s. The UK registrar for companies, Companies House, will display the registered office address on a public government website and will only write to company or LLP at this address. This registered address service is designed for this purpose and only includes official government mail and legal notices being forwarded on to you. If that is all your business requires then this service is perfect.

However, if you want to use our address for more than just government mail, for example so your customers or suppliers can write to you, then you need a one of our virtual address service. We offer the ‘fixed price virtual address’ service for businesses that expect to receive additional items of mail that are not from covered by our registered office service.  These great value virtual address packages include non government post and also include the registered office service AND director’s service address in the fee. You simply need to choose the number of letters you expect us to receive and forward during the year. You can select up to 30, 60 or 100 items of mail in a 12 month period. We also have a ‘flexible price virtual address‘ if the fixed price option does not suit your requirements.

Fixed Price - 30 Items

£10000a year*
  • Forwarding up to 30 letters
  • Registered Office Included
  • Use the Address Immediately

Peace of Mind

This package includes a few items of mail every month. Great value package if you only expect the occasional letter, invoice or statement from your bank. Perfect for online businesses that need an address to display on their website but expect very little post to be sent to them. Great for Start-Ups.

This is based on mail being forwarded to a UK address. If mail is being forwarded overseas additional international postage charges apply. 

Fixed Price - 60 Items

£15000a year*
  • Forwarding up to 60 letters
  • Includes the registered office
  • Begin using our address today

Increased Volume

For businesses that want to use the address on websites, letterheads and for general communication. Mail received can be from the government, your customers or suppliers, your bank and so on. This package includes the forwarding of up to 60 items of mail per year with no additional postage costs just one fixed fee.

This is based on mail being forwarded to a UK address. If mail is being forwarded overseas additional international postage charges apply. 

Fixed Price - 100 Items

£20000a year*
  • Forwarding up to 100 letters
  • Registered Office Included
  • Order and use the address today

The Big Bundle

Popular with businesses that expect higher volumes of mail. Use our address as your main business address and let us handle your mail while you build your business from where ever you like. If you need even higher volumes of mail we do offer a ‘flexible price virtual address‘.

This is based on mail being forwarded to a UK address. If mail is being forwarded overseas additional international postage charges apply.