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Virtual Address Service in London

Are you looking to create a business presence in Central London without the costs associated with running an office. Why not use our London virtual address service?

Our London virtual office allows your company to use our office as its own address. It can be used to receive general business correspondence from banks, customers and other organisations.

Use our address on your websites, company letterheads and business cards and keep your address private. The service is ideal for companies looking for a low-cost mail service in London.

Look bigger than you are!

Our address services are not just used by new start-up businesses. Established companies who are looking to expand their business use our virtual office as they may want an alternative address for clients to contact them. Displaying multiple addresses on your website provides the image of a large company with different office locations throughout the UK.

The Fixed Price Virtual Address Service

Exceptional value for money. Choose the number of letters you expect to receive during the year at one fixed price. You can also use the address with Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs at no extra cost.

One Annual Fee – No hassle and great value!

Registered Office Service

Companies House & HMRC will only write to the registered office address. We include this!

No extra charge!

We include using our address as the registered office address. No additional registered address fee to pay!

Directors Service Address

Use our address as the company directors or LLP partners service address at Companies House.

Keep your address private!

Keep the home address of company directors private. Companies House display the address of ALL directors on their website.

For Websites & Stationery

Display our address on all of your business stationery and don't forget to add it to your website.

Use our address as yours!

Business need to display an address on websites and letterheads if they want to be taken seriously.

Mail Received - Mail Forwarded

When your business mail arrives, we sort it, add new postage and send it straight to you.

Mail Forwarding Service

Let us take care of your business mail while you take care of your business. Never miss a signed for delivery.

How many letters do you expect to receive?

Simply choose how many letters you want to include in your service each year.

Fixed Price - 30 Items

£140a year
  • Forwarding up to 30 letters per year
  • No postage costs, just one fixed annual fee
  • Registered Office Included
  • Use the address Immediately

Peace of Mind

We will forward up to 30 letters in a year.

Fixed Price - 60 Items

£19000a year
  • Forwarding up to 60 letters per year
  • No postage costs, just one fixed annual fee
  • Includes the registered office
  • Begin using our address today

Expecting to be busy

This package includes up to 60 letters in a year.

Fixed Price - 100 Items

£24000a year
  • Forwarding up to 100 letters per year
  • No postage costs, just one fixed annual fee
  • Registered Office Included
  • Order and use the address today

The Big One

WOW – You can receive up to 100 letters each year.

Compare the Fixed Price Virtual Office to our Flexible Virtual Office.

We offer two different virtual office services. For businesses with smaller mail volumes we recommend the Fixed Price service (as detailed above). Customers expecting higher volumes of mail can benefit from our Flexible service.

Flexible Virtual Address Service

If you expect to receive more than 100 letters for your business during the year, you need our flexible virtual address.

How Does it Work?

The virtual office service is broken down into two separate fees. The annual London office fee is £150. Secondly, there is also a mail deposit to cover the forwarding costs and postage fees for your items.

When mail arrives in our office the post team identify your items using your unique company name. They will then add your preferred forwarding address and calculate the postage fee to post the item. The fee is then deducted from your mail deposit and added to the items so they can be forwarded to you. When your deposit has been used we will contact you to top up the balance. Our trained post team will remove and destroy any junk mail so it does not affect your postage deposit.

Flexible Virtual Address

From £15000 per year
  • Deposits Required