Filing Confirmation Statement

Filing the Confirmation Statement

Every year a UK company has to file documents with Companies House. One form is the Confirmation Statement (Form CS01) which has replaced the Annual Return (Form AR01). The new form has been reduced from several pages long to minimise the administration for company directors.

The form can be processed manually by post at Companies House or online using the web filing service. We would recommend where possible the Confirmation statement is submitted online. This ensures the document is submitted correctly and also provides a quick confirmation that the form has been accepted or rejected. Postal applications often experience delays and lead to incorrectly completed forms.

What information is required?

Typically you need to confirm the following information held at Companies House is correct:

  • Company name and number – The company’s name and registration number as detailed at Companies House.

  • Type of Company – The legal form of the company, e.g. limited by shares.

  • Registered office address – The legal registered office address for the company.

  • Company directors – The currently appointed directors. Companies must have a minimum of one director.

  • Company secretary – The currently appointed secretary if applicable. It is no longer a legal requirement to appoint a secretary.

  • Location of company registers – The registers are typically held at the registered office or at Companies House. A SAIL address can be specified if needed.

  • Shareholders – A list of the current company shareholders and any changes recently made.

  • Person(s) of Significant Control (PSC) – The person(s) who have significant control over the company.

  • Value and number of shares issued – A statement of capital that shows the current share structure and the rights attached to these shares.

  • SIC Code – A Standard Industrial Classification code that describes the principal business activities of a company.

How can we help?

Our Confirmation Statement filing service will ensure your form is submitted correctly and quickly. Once we have your web filing code and confirmed your company details one of our compliance team will submit the form online and monitor the acceptance by Companies House.

Failure to submit your Confirmation Statement could lead to your company being dissolved and ‘struck off’ the register.

Filing Confirmation Statement

  • Electronic confirmation statement filing service for limited companies.