architect in a company name

Registering a company with architect in the name!

Use of the word architect in a company name is protected. Companies that wish to use the word ‘ARCHITECT’ in the company name, will require permission form the Architects Registration Board (ARB). For example, the company name QWERTY ARCHITECT LIMITED would require written approval. Use of the word architect is controlled by the Architects Registration Act 1997 (Section 20).

There are a few exceptions to this rule. Company names that include ‘naval architect’, ‘landscape architect’ or ‘golf-course architect’ should normally be accepted without any addition approval.

Without written approval you will not be able to register a company including the word architect. An alternative option is to use the word ‘architecture’ or ‘architectural’. These words are normally allowed within a company name.

Company Formation

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How to get approval!

To gain approval of your company name, you will need to contact the ARB. They need to provide a written letter that clearly states that there is no objection to you using the company name. This letter should clearly state the company name in the actual letter. They may also be able to provide this approval by email for speed. For more information you can contact-

Architects Registration Board
8 Weymouth Street

If your company formation is urgent, you can apply for a Same Day Company Formation. as soon as you have obtained written consent.

(Please note these pages are for guidance only. The legislation and regulations regarding the use of sensitive names changes regularly. To clarify the use of a sensitive word in a company name please contact Companies House on 0303 1234500).

Our Point of View!

Most registered architects can obtain a letter from the ARB in just a few days. Once you have the letter you can upload this to our website during the company formation process.