registered office and bank mail

Do we included bank letters in the registered office service?

The registered office service is only for use at Companies House and HMRC. Only official government mail from organisations that will only communicate via the registered office is included in the registered office service. This typically includes letters from HMRC, Companies House and any legal notices served upon the company.

Banks will send letters, statements and other correspondence directly to your physical location. You simply need to provide the bank with the correct contact details. The registered office service is provided at a very low cost and as such has its limitations. Unfortunately we do not forward mail from banks within the registered office service. We recommend our customers either upgrade the service to a virtual office package or they provide their actual physical address to the bank to avoid any errors or undelivered mail.

Registered Office Locations

From £4000Per Year
  • Includes Companies House and HMRC Letters

Can we forward bank letters?

If you have only purchased a basic registered office service, the general the answer is no. The forwarding of mail from banks only creates greater administration for our mail forwarding team. If we allow one or two items to be forwarded to customers it often leads to cheque books, paying in books, credit cards, debit cards, introduction packs, monthly statements, and other general bank communication. In addition to the increased administration for our staff the additional postage costs are not accounted for in our pricing.

We are happy to provide a more inclusive address service that includes bank mail and our registered office service. Contact one of the team to upgrade today our take a look at our virtual address services!

Our Point of View?

We aim to provide market leading services at exceptional value for money. The registered office service provides companies with an address to use at Companies House for just a few pounds each year. This ensures your privacy! We can include bank mail if you upgrade to our virtual address service.

Get a low cost virtual address!

If you require a mail service that would allow for bank letters to be forwarded to you then you should take a look at our low cost mail forwarding service. We offer packages that include the registered office address for just a few pounds per month.

Upgrading to our fixed price virtual address service provides peace of mind if you expect to receive extra letters.