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Using the word bank in a company name!

The words BANK, BANKS, BANKING or BANC are listed as sensitive words by Companies House. The use of any of the BANK words in a company name will suggest that the company has a specific financial status. For example the company name QWERTY BANK LTD is not allowed unless your obtain written consent in advance. To use any of these words you must firstly obtain the written support from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They must provide a letter confirming they do not object to you using the word bank and show the full name to be registered.

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You must write to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to request approval to use the word bank in your company name. Once written approval has been obtained you can upload this with your company formation on our system. If you need our assistance, we will require an electronic copy so that this can be supplied to Companies House with your application. Please note that a small administration fee may apply for a company incorporation that includes a sensitive word.

If the FCA do not approve your request, then unfortunately you will not be permitted to use any of the BANK related words in your company name. An alternative name will be required if this is the case.

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Are there any exceptions to these rules?

In some circumstances using the word bank is permitted. Some words that contain the word BANK but do not suggest a specific financial status or banking connection are allowed. Companies House will usually permit the use of these words in your company name without prior FCA approval. Some examples of previously accepted words that contain the word BANK are shown below.


You may also be permitted to use BANK, BANC or BANKS when is a director’s surname (e.g. JOHN BANKS).

If your company name does not require approval, you can submit this online using our company formation service. There will be no additional charges.

(Please note the information on sensitive words are for guidance only. The legislation and regulations regarding the use of sensitive names changes regularly. To clarify the use of a sensitive word in a company name please contact one of our team or Companies House on 0303 1234500).

Our Point of View?

If you do have approval or you do not meet one of 'exceptions' to the rules, it is most unlikely Companies House will approve your company name. Using bank in a company name is protected to prevent misuse or confusion.

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