Can I register my own company?

Can I register a company on my own?

Anyone can register a company themselves by communicating directly with Companies House. We do not hide this fact, but the majority of new formations are completed online using company formation websites.

The main advantage of using a third party, instead of going direct to Companies House, is the simplification of the process and the provision of the legal documents a company requires post incorporation. Companies House are a government agency and are not able to offer specific advice on your needs or provide legal documents. They cannot make any assumptions about your requirements which means their application process is lengthy and complex.

Company Formation

  • Full company documents

Why do People use Company Formation Agents?

Using a Company Formation Agent to register a company is the popular choice. Whether you are an accountant or someone looking to start their own business, we make the task easy.

Have you seen Companies House form IN01? It contains 18 pages and it is not self explanatory! Using Companies House online service is also more complicated than our service.

Here are a few points to consider-

  • What will you do if your company name contains sensitive (restricted) words?
  • Do you understand how service addresses work?
  • How will you complete the statement of capital?
  • What are prescribed particulars?
  • How do you keep your address private?
  • What legal company documents do you need and where will you obtain them from?

These are just a few questions you are likely to come across. By using our company formation service we dramatically simplify the process by removing all irrelevant questions and streamlining some sections, based on our years of experience. We also provide all legally required documents as standard with all of our formation packages.

Our Point of View?

How much time do you want to spend researching 'how to form a new company'? Hours spent trawling websites, reading articles and swotting up!

We register your company using an intuitive formation process to make your life easier. On completion we create a bespoke set of company formation documents for your company. Let us take care of the company formation, while you focus on your own business.

What documents do we provide?

Forming a company using a company formation agent is considerably easier than completing form IN01 and purchasing the legally required documents post incorporation. All UK companies are required to have certian legal documents as follows-

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Articles of Association
  • First Minutes – Recording the actions taken to form the company
  • Combined Company Register (Statutory Books)
  • Share Certificates

We supply all of these documents in our all inclusive company formation packages. To form your limited company please visit our company formation website.

Simple, Quick, Company Formation!