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Can customers use our address for VAT registration?

The short answer is NO, our address should not be used for VAT registration. When registering for VAT in the UK, you will need to provide your actual location. The VAT1 form requests the following information-

  • Business contact details
  • Business address (that is, the principal place where most of the day to day running of the business is carried out)

They DO NOT ask for the companies registered office address.

As your business is not physically located at our registered office service please do not provide our address as the ‘business address’. HMRC need to know where they can visit your business to inspect VAT records. You need to provide details of the actual business location. If you need more advice on ‘when to register’ for vat please contact your accountant or HMRC for guidance. Please note – we are not tax advisors so can not offer advice regarding taxation.

Registered Office Address

£4000Per Year
  • Ideal For Corporation Tax – Not VAT

When should you register for VAT?

If you are a UK based business with turnover of ‘taxable sales’ that will meet the prevailing threshold (this changes every year), you need to register for VAT. Most UK based companies and LLPs can register for VAT online. VAT registration is free, so do not pay anyone to complete this service for you. You will find many services that charge you to complete the form which you could easily complete yourself.

Overseas customers that are not physically based in the UK should read VAT Notice 700/1 and seek advice from HM Revenue and Customs. In addition you may want to research registering as ‘Non-Established Taxable Person’ (NETP) for businesses that are based outside of the UK. Overseas businesses using our mailing address services should not provide our address to HMRC as the trading address as it is only a ‘virtual’ address.

Keeping Company Registration Simple!

When registering for VAT you will be asked to provide your ‘principal place of business’. 

This is not the registered office address of the business. 

‘Your principal place of business is the place where you receive and deal with your orders and carry on and manage your day-to-day business. You must not use a PO Box, accommodation or ‘Care of’ address as we will not accept these.’

HMRC State the above on Form VAT1