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How do I change my registered office?

You can change registered office addresses at anytime during the life of the business. You simply complete one form and file this at Companies House.

We are happy to assist all customers using our service to change their address.

Limited companies and LLPs can update their address with Companies House online or by filing a paper form by post.

To change registered office you need Form AD01 for limited companies or for LLP’s it is form LLAD01.

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Filing Forms at Companies House!

For companies and LLPs there are two ways to change registered office address-

Electronic Filing

Most limited companies and LLPs submit most documents to Companies House using the electronic filing service. It is quick, secure and avoids errors. This will require registration online to use the Companies House website. Once registered for electronic filing you can file form AD01 in electronic format which is usually processed within a few hours.

Manual Filing – Paper Forms

The traditional way of changing your registered office is to complete form AD01 and send this by post to Companies House in-

  • Cardiff (for English and Welsh registration)
  • Belfast (for Northern Irish registrations)
  • Edinburgh (for Scottish registrations)

Form AD01 simply requires your company name in full, your company number, the new address and the signature of a company officer. It is typically signed by a company director or secretary (or partners for an LLP). The postal application to change a registered address is normally accepted within approximately 7-10 working days.

Help Changing Your Address!

Customers purchasing our address as their registered office can contact us for help updating Companies House. We will need your authentication code (web filing code) so that we can submit the forms online. 

Filing Documents online is quicker and more secure!