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Register with SFS – Client Registration

Under the Anti Money Laundering Regulations we are legally required to ‘know your customer’. Therefore we ask all of our customers with regular services to register and identify themselves to us. You can register with via your online account or by completing a Client Registration Form.

By completing the online account information or the Client Registration form you will tell us who you are and where you live. If we are supplying the service to a business it also tells us about other people connected to the business so we know who else we need to identify. We will then compare the details supplied on the form against any available public registers to check the details match. For example, for a UK limited company the information supplied should match the directors, shareholders and PSC’s listed on Companies House records.

Supplying the information online or via the form also confirms a client accepts our terms and conditions and authorises us to carry out a ‘soft footprint’ search to further verify identities if required. Soft footprint searches are not credit checks and have no impact on a persons credit score.

Company Formation

  • Full company documents

Registering online or via the Client Registration Form

Online Registration

Registering online is the quickest way to supply the information we need about the people connected to your service. You can provide this information by loging into the account we created for you at the time you purchased the service.

Online account access here – follow this link to login

Password recovery – follow this link if you do not know your password

Registration Forms

If you prefer to email or post us the client registration information then we have two variants of registration form below.

Form (1) is for the vast majority of our clients and Form (2) is only for clients using our Dalton House address. If you are not using the address that starts ‘Dalton House’ then you will use form (1).

(1) ALL CUSTOMERS (except those using our Dalton House address) – Please complete this Client-Registration-Form

(2) Dalton House address customers only – Please complete this Client-Registration-Form-Dalton-House

Collecting Identification

We request the following documents from all customers ordering services –

  • Provide a copy of a passport or photo driving licence
  • Provide a copy of a recent (last 3 months) utility bill or bank statement that confirms your home address*
  • Complete your online account or a client registration form as detailed above
  • And in some cases the following additional documents –
    For clients that have corporate entities (another company) as shareholder(s) or director(s) we will require evidence of who the ultimate beneficial owners are and their connection to the corporate entity appointed
  • For non-UK resident clients using our address services we request notarised / solicitor / lawyer certified copies of all documents by post/courier.