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Telling Companies House Your Business Activities

Nearly all of the companies formed in the UK are created with general trading objects or from October 2009 onwards they will have adopted standard model articles. The same applies to companies that have been formed using our services. The model articles allow the company to be managed by the directors in any field of business.

During the formation of your company you can select the activities of your business. This is done using Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes. These are then added to Companies House records.

Company Formation

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Do the Articles of Association state what the company does?

The majority of companies are registered using model articles. Model articles of association set out how your company is managed and provide basic rules for the company officers. They do not state what the company will do or include any objects that the company must work towards.

This allows your company to operate as freely as possible. If you were to clearly state specific objects or business activities for your company you may find that this limits your business. Narrow business objectives may prevent future development unless further amendments are made to your company documentation.

Company Directors now inform Companies House of their business activities by selecting a Standard Industry Classification (SIC). This is done while forming the company and when filing the Confirmation Statement each year.

There are hundreds of SIC codes covering a wide range of business activities. When registering a company on our website, you can simply type your business activity and we will provide you with suitable suggestions.

Our point of view!

Selecting a specific SIC code will not restrict your business activities. Do not worry too much if there is not an exact match for your business. SIC codes are simply used for government statistics and to give any interested party an indication of what area a business may operate in.

Keeping Company Formation Simple!

Customers can form their new company online in just a few hours. We provide helpful tips and time-saving features to make the process as easy as we can. The SIC code section will provide you with recommendations so you don’t have to read through hundreds of different choices.

Easy, Quick, Company Formation! Making company formation simple.