Customers Visiting the Virtual Address

What happens if one of your customers calls at the address in person?

If a client of yours calls at our address looking for you or your company we will have to explain that we are virtual address service. We will advise them that you are one of our customers but you have no physical presence at the address. If asked why, we will explain the many legitimate reasons for people using virtual addresses but nothing specific to your circumstances. At no time will we give them any contact information from our private records. Your phone number or address is not divulged unless a person with authority has the legal power to access them, for example the Police or a government official such as HMRC officers. The caller will be asked to contact you via whatever means they found your address from, for example your website, but we will not give them this information. We will advise the caller they can leave a letter for you at our address or write to you at the address and it will reach you.

Virtual Address Service

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  • Protecting Your Personal Address

Your contact details are safe!

If you have a general mail forwarding service we will give the caller the option of leaving a letter or note which we will forward on to you as mail. For customers with only a registered address or director’s service address, we will explain the limitations of the service. We then advise they try and locate alternative contact details for you elsewhere.

If the visitor is serving some form of legal papers, a writ or summons on you or your company we will accept the paperwork and send it on to you. In most cases when this happens the person normally has instructions to leave the paperwork with us whether we are willing to accept it or not.

Our Point of View?

It is most unusual for our virtual address customers to have visitors arriving at our office. On the rare occasion that this does happen, we always handle enquiries politely and efficiently.