llp members

Types of LLP Member!

All UK limited Liability Partnerships are required to have a minimum of two designated members to remain active. If there are more than two LLP members appointed it is possible to have different types of members within the partnership.

Within a Limited Liability Partnership it is possible to have two types of members appointed. These are designated and non-designated members. Both types of members have the same rights and are considered owners of the partnership but designated members have additional responsibilities.

LLP Formation

  • Register Your LLP

Designated Members!

If you are appointed as a designated member you will be required to complete administrative duties which can include any of the following:

  • Appoint an auditor if needed.
  • Signing the company accounts on behalf of all members.
  • Delivering the accounts to Companies House.
  • Preparing and submitting the confirmation statement (previously annual return) to Companies House.
  • Informing Companies House about any changes to the partnership, e.g. to the registered name, address, or members details.
  • Registering the partnership for VAT if the business sales are over the current threshold.
  • Maintaining accurate company registers including the PSC information.
  • Acting on behalf of the LLP if it’s wound up and dissolved.

The Designated members are legally required to ensure all of the above duties are completed or they can be prosecuted.