director and secretary FAQs

FAQs about Directors and Secretaries!

In the UK, all registered companies must have at least one person aged 16 or above appointed as a company director. Many UK companies also have a company secretary appointed to handle official administrative tasks for the company.

Company directors and secretaries are collectively termed ‘company officers’. Company officers can be appointed and resigned at Companies House very simply by filing an official form. This can be done online or by post.

If appointing a new director you will need either form AP01 or AP02.

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UK companies need to keep at least one person appointed as a company director at all times. To remove a company director you need to file form TM01. New directors are appointed using form TM01.

It is also possible to change the details of an existing director. For example, a company director may move address or change their name. Changes to a director’s details are done by filing form CH01.

All changes can be filed online at Companies House or by post.

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When a company director leaves a company it is important to update the company records correctly. To inform Companies House that a Director has resigned you need to file Form TM01. You can send in a printed paper form or file the changes online at Companies House using the electronic filing service.

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For all new company formations you are no longer legally required to have a company secretary appointed. This applies to all companies limited by shares and companies limited by guarantee registered on or after 6 April 2008.

If your company was registered before 6 April 2008 then your company’s memorandum and articles of association may state that a company secretary be appointed. This will mean that you always keep a secretary recorded at Companies or change your memorandum and articles of association to be current with the Companies Act 2006.

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Companies House have a variety of forms for many different processes so when appointing a new secretary it is important to ensure the correct form is completed and submitted to Companies House. If you wish to appoint a person as your new company secretary you will need to complete the AP03 form. If you wish to appoint a corporate entity as your new secretary you will need to file form AP04.

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