parcels at the virtual address

Do we accept parcels or goods at our addresses?

The simple answer is no, we do not permit parcels or goods to be received at any of addresses on behalf of clients with any type of mail forwarding service.

Our address is used by a wide range of businesses. It is important that we protect the reputation of both our address and our service. Customers must have confidence that our address is only used by reputable businesses with genuine reasons for needing a virtual address.

Therefore we make it a policy that we do not allow parcels to be forwarded through our offices. This discourages any unscrupulous persons attempting to use our virtual address as a way of obtaining goods by fraudulent means.

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Why don’t we allow parcels to be forwarded?

There are two reasons for this. The first is to discourage illegal activity. Virtual address services, such as ours, can be targeted by credit card thieves to purchase goods with stolen cards and have them sent to our address. The thief will then attempt to create a chain of addresses to make tracing them difficult. They will usually pay for high value items with a stolen card and attempt to get goods sent on to them before the transaction is reversed. By preventing goods and parcels from being forwarded we have successfully stopped our services from misuse.

The second reason is the increased administration, requesting additional postage costs and storing items. If we have large items coming through our addresses the cost to store, handle and post on these items has to be passed on to the client. This would make the service expensive to the end client so we do not provide a service for goods or parcels to avoid this. We provide great value for money mail services and keep our charges as low as possible.

If a delivery of a parcel is attempted at one of our offices, it will be rejected with instructions to return to sender so they can contact you to make alternative arrangements.

Our Point of View!

The reputation of our service is imperative for all businesses using our address. Customers need peace of mind when choosing a virtual office for their business. Make sure you choose a reputable virtual address for your company.

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If you want more advice, give us a call. One of the team will be pleased to talk to you about our service.

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