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Do you need a company secretary?

The simple answer for most limited companies is no.

If your company was registered in the last couple of years then you should not need to appoint a company secretary. Even if your company was registered many years ago it is possible to change your company documents to allow sole director appointments and avoid company secretary requirements.

Some companies prefer to keep a company secretary, but most companies are now formed without a secretary being appointed at the time of incorporation.


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Does your company need a secretary!

Companies Registered after 6 April 2008

Under the Companies Act 2006 there is no longer a requirement to appoint a company secretary. The majority of companies we register do not have a secretary appointed. Many companies just have one director appointed. If you adopt the model articles when forming a company then you can omit the role of company secretary.

Companies registered before 6 April 2008

We suggest you check your companies Memorandum & Articles of Association (Mem and Arts) as these will detail whether your company needs to maintain a company secretary. Many companies registered before 2008 have constitutional documents that clearly outline the role of the company secretary within the company. In which case you either appoint someone as the secretary or update your Mem and Arts. We can assist with changing the mem and arts, contact us for further information.

Who takes on the secretary's duties?

If you choose not to appoint a company secretary, then the duties fall upon the company director(s). One of the directors will need to file documents at Companies House each year and keep records of meetings and sign paperwork.

Keeping Company Registration Simple!

Customers can purchase a new company online and appoint just one director at the time of incorporation. Using our incorporation service you can create your company exactly as you require. Add or omit the company secretary, include one director or several and create yoru own share structure. However, we also provide the simple solution and offer default settings to make company registration as easy as possible.

Simple, Quick, Company Formation! Making the complicated, easier to understand.