Company filing duties and responsibilities

What filing requirements does a limited company have?

UK companies are required to file statutory documents every year. Failure to file documents on time may lead to penalties being issued against your company. It can also lead to the company being removed from the register.

Most of the documents can be completed and submitted without charge. The only document filing that does include a statutory charge is the Confirmation Statement.

It is possible to file most documents yourself, but it is likely you will engage professional services to prepare the accounts.

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What documents must be filed at Companies House?

It is a requirement for registered companies to submit the following documents at Companies House. Even if your company is dormant, the directors must file these documents.

Confirmation Statement

This documents is completed to inform Companies House of the company structure at that moment in time. It is also called form CS01. It replaced the Annual Return in 2016. This document confirms the following information for the public register.

  • Registered office address
  • Location of registers
  • Company director’s names and addresses
  • Company secretary name and addresses (if appointed)
  • Shareholders names
  • Share structure
  • Persons of Significant Control
  • Industry code confirming nature of business

If you file this document online it costs £13 to file each year.


The company’s accounts must be filed at both Companies House and with HM Revenue and Customs (the UK tax authority). Companies House only require a set of abbreviated accounts as these are placed on the public registers. Typically these do not include the detailed information included in the full accounts. A set of full accounts is required by HM Revenue and Customs.

Filing accounts at Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs does not incur a fee. It is free to file your accounts online or by paper. It is likely that you will engage an accountant to assist you with your accounts preparation. Accounting fees will vary depending on your company’s requirements.

What documents must be filed at HMRC?

The filing requirements at HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) will vary by circumstances. Every company must submit accounts as discussed above and a tax retrun.

Corporation Tax Return

Most companies are required to file a tax return each year. This form is called the CT600. The document confirms the companies profit or loss and is used to calculate any tax due.

It is free to file form CT600 with HMRC but this is normally completed by an accountant.

Other Considerations

There are additional filing requirements subject to your company’s activities.

If the company has employees then you may need to prepare and file forms P11D, P35, P60, P14.

Directors will need to complete a self assessment tax return on personal income each year. Non UK residents drawing funds outside the UK will need to meet local tax regulations.

Quarterly VAT returns may need to be submitted online if the company has registered for VAT.

filing documents

Directors Responsibilities!

It is the company directors responsibility to ensure documents are prepared correctly and filed on time. Failure to file documents when required can lead to large fines or companies being dissolved. Directors should check documents are correct and monitor Companies House to ensure they have been accepted. Even if you have paid someone to file documents at Companies House, the directors are responsible for the filing.

Document Services!

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