dormant company registered office?

Does a dormant company need a registered office?

All companies and LLP’s, including those that are dormant or non-trading, have to maintain an effective registered office address?

It is a legal requirement for all UK registered companies and LLP’s to maintain an address that can receive official government mail from Companies House and HMRC. If you fail to maintain an operational address Companies House will take action to remove the company from their register.

Company Formation

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Can you stop Companies House from contacting you?

Even if you have a dormant company, you will be sent communication from Companies House and HMRC.

You can file dormant accounts but there is no way to tell Companies House that you do not wish to receive correspondence. Companies House and HMRC will continue to send out notices to file accounts, confirmation statements and returns every year. If these are not accepted at your company address then it is only a matter of time before action is taken against the company and possibly the company directors.

Companies House will allow you to opt-in for email communication which should prevent most notices being posted to you.

In summary all UK companies whether dormant or active must have a registered office. Without an effective address your company may be removed from the register.

Dormant Company Filing!

Even is your company has not traded, the company directors have a responsibility to file documents every year. Dormant companies must file accounts and a confirmation statement at Companies House. HMRC will request a tax return is completed.