what is a dormant company

What is a Dormant Company?

It is important to understand that a dormant company is simply a company that has not traded. All companies are dormant when first registered and only become active or trading when the company buys or sells goods or services in the company name.

If a company stops trading and has no business activities then it becomes a dormant company again.

Company Formation

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How to Register a Dormant Company?

We often talk to customers that want to Form a Dormant Company. The reality is that you start a company in exactly the same way as a customer that intends to start trading immediately. Unfortunately the term ‘dormant company formation’ has been, in part, created by company formation agents. It is perpetuated by agents that continue to package company formations as a special dormant company.

Please allow us clarify this point once again. If you need a dormant company or wish to register a company that you will not trade with, then simply form your company online using our company formation website. The company will be a dormant non trading company until you start making transaction in the company name.

Our Point of View?

Do not read too much into online agents that try to sell 'dormant companies'. Every new company that is formed is dormant. The minute they are registered they have no bank account and they have not bought or sold anything.

Keeping Company Registration Simple!

Customers can purchase a new company online using our website. Start trading with the company or keep it dormant, the choice is yours. 

We register most companies in just a few hours and provide all of the legal documents for your company. No tricks and no misleading sales pitch about dormant companies.

Simple, Quick, Company Formation! Let us know if you have any questions about forming a company.