foundation in a company name

Using foundation in a company name!

Use of the word foundation in a company name is regulated by Companies House. The guidance provide by the UK government states typically it must be a company limited by guarantee which is also known as a not for profit company.

The company must also provide bespoke articles of association which include unique objects for the company. The objects should provide an insight into why the company has been created and its purpose. The articles of association must also contain a ‘not-for profit’ distribution clause which prevents the members of the company withdrawing the profit for their own personal gain. This allows any profit made by the company’s activities to be reused for the purpose outlined in the objects.

Companies House also require the company to have a regular source of finance or a pool of money which is used to promote the company objects. Approval to use the word Foundation will only be granted if all of the points above are met.

(Please note these pages are for guidance only. Companies House make the final decision on company names at the time of application. To clarify the use of a sensitive word in a company name please contact Companies House on 0303 1234500).

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Our Point of View!

We see very few companies formed with the word foundation. Only not for profit companies that are limited by guarantee are registered using foundation in the company name.

Register a Foundation Company!

If you meet the above mentioned criteria, we are happy to assist you with your company formation. You can register the company online and upload your own bespoke articles of association or add your own company objects. 

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