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How long does a company registration take?

Under normal circumstances a company should be registered in approximately 6 to 8 working hours. Whilst we do see some companies formed in less than 1 hour, the typical processing time for most companies is almost a working day.

Most companies submitted on our website are submitted to Companies House immediately. We do not delay the process unless our system has identified a potential error with your application.

Scottish Company Formations tend to be completed in around 2 hours. The Edinburgh branch of Companies House is not as busy so we see quick company formation in Scotland.

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Quick Company Formation!

We believe our service provides the fastest company formation possible. We have built our website to make the registration of companies as simple as possible. This enables you to complete your application in just a few minutes. On completion your company details are sent immediately to Companies House. A few hours later your company will be formed. Customers will receive a notification by email and also text, them moment the company is formed.

Processing times are subject to Companies House but if your registration is urgent you can select the Same Day Company Formation. Most same day applications are formed in less than 1 hour.

On very rare occasions there have been delays caused by the registrar, but fortunately these are unusual. When a company is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances please be assured that we will always work with Companies House to resolve delays as quickly as possible.

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Why use our service?

There is no faster system available to form your company. Our company formation website has been created to automate the company formation process, removing delays in registrations and identifying potential problems with applications.

Keeping Company Registration Simple!

Customers can purchase a new company online and the moment you pay the company details are securely transferred to Companies House. The same system applies when Companies House confirm the formation of the company. Our website will instantly produce your company documents and send you a confirmation email. You can even request a text message is sent to you. There is no delay or intervention by us. 

Simple, Quick, Company Formation! There is no faster company formation.