Identity checks we do before activating your service

If you are purchasing an address service from us please do not start using the address immediately. We require you to supply identity documents and we will then run a soft credit check. When your identity documents have been accepted by us we will send a service activation email and or SMS. Clients using our address before activation will result in mail being rejected as ‘unknown’.

Before we can activate any service you have purchased from us we must first comply with anti money laundering (AML) regulations. These regulations require us to identify our customer before we enter into a business relationship.

As soon as we have identified our client and other persons connected to the order, for example for a limited it would be all directors and major shareholders and PSC’s, we can then allow the service to be activated.

If you do not agree to supply ID or to a soft check on credit files of all persons connected to the entity/person ordering then please do not order this service. By ticking the acknowledgement box prior to check out you are agreeing to comply with these requirements and associated soft check’s.

A soft check leaves a footprint on a persons credit file as an identity search but has no affect on credit ratings or scores.

If you supply the requested documents to us quickly and our soft check confirms your name, date of birth and residential address match the documents supplied we can usually activate your service the same day.

You can read more about MLR, why we need ID and what ID is required on our MLR FAQ pages.

Question Mark, why is ID required?
Signing client registration form

What documents do we need?

For UK based clients – in simple terms it is proof of residential address and photo identity. We typically request the following –

1) Each person passport photo page or photo driving licence with at least 6 months validity (for a limited company this applies to all directors/shareholders/PSC’s)

2) Utility bill or bank statement not older than 3 months in the each persons name showing their home address (NOT mobile phone bill)

3) Complete your online account ID section or our client registration form and email it to us. You can download the registration form here.

4) If we are forwarding mail to a third party address that is not your home address also please supply a utility bill for the address or additional proof that you use the address.

We usually only require copies and would prefer scanned versions uploaded to you online account or by email sent to Alternatively please post identification to us at our Coventry address as detailed below.

If the soft check does not confirm the information in the documents we will request that you provide original documents by post for checking. Alternatively please provide copies of documents that have been correctly certified by a solicitor or notary public. Please post identification to us at our Coventry address.

SFS – Small Firms Services Ltd
Union House
111 New Union Street
United Kingdom

For non UK based clients we can not do soft checks so we require notarised copy identity documents to be posted to us.

What if customers do not provide ID?

The answer is simple! – No ID, no services.We cannot support any customer that refuses to provide identification on request. We are legally required to ‘know our client’ and face penalties if we have not conducted MLR checks.