virtual office for several names

Will one mail service cover several business names?

If you are looking for a virtual address or registered office you may wonder if you can order one service for several businesses. The simple answer is no.

Each business that requires an address should purchase its own service. We provide low cost mail forwarding solutions and our fees are structured to cover one business name per service.

Registered address

The purchase of one annual service permits one UK registered limited company or LLP to use the address for government mail. It does not cover any mail for alternative trading names or trading styles as government departments will only write to the registered company name.

If you have more than one company that needs to use one of our addresses then you will need to purchase one annual service per company.

Virtual address

When purchasing this service we ask you to supply the name of the company or the name of the individual that mail will be received for. We will only monitor the single name you have paid for so if mail is received in other names it will not be identified or forwarded to you. If you have multiple companies requiring a virtual address then you must pay one annual fee per company. If your company trades under different trading styles please see the next point.

Registered Office Service

From £4000Per Company
  • Annual Service

Do you have different trading styles?

At our discretion we may allow additional trading names to be added to an account by charging a reduced second annual fee. The name must be a trading name of the existing company we supply the service too and not a separate entity. The volume of mail received for the trading style must be minimal and not excessive. If the volume of mail is deemed to be above that of an incidental service we reserve the right to request you upgrade to a separate virtual address service for the additional trading name or stop using the address for that particular name.

If we are not notified of a trading name/style we are unlikely to identify the mail as belonging to your account and the mail will be rejected as ‘unknown’.

If you require further clarification on how this affects your service please contact us.