missing mail

We work hard to identify your post!

We process thousands of letters through our offices every week. Every effort is made to identify customers letters and forward them as quickly as possible. If you have not received an item of mail there may be a reason why.

If your mail forwarding service is active, no payments are outstanding and we have collected the required identification for your service, then there should be no reason why your mail is not being processed correctly. Our postal team work had to identify all mail arriving at our office.

Registered Office Service

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Why you may be missing a letter!

We successfully forward thousands of letters every week to the correct address. All post that is correctly addressed is sorted quickly. However, we do process a considerable amount of mail that is not clearly addressed. Every day we receive mail at our office that-

  • Has an incorrect or incomplete address. Fortunately Royal Mail often delivers these to us as a ‘best guess’.
  • Has no company name recorded and only contains our address. These are normally opened by one of the managers as the mail may be for our company.
  • Is addressed to a person and not the company name. We try to identify these but it is not always possible.
  • Has no stamps or insufficient postage. We have to pay Royal Mail’s charges before they release the letter.

Our postal team are well trained to identify mail where possible. However, when it is impossible to match mail to a customer we have no option but to return mail to sender. When items are returned we stamp the mail with a red return to sender stamp.

We accept that very occasionally mistakes happen (we employ people not robots). To minimise errors we have checking procedures in place to prevent mistakes and to minimise the number of returned items. If you believe that we have returned an item of mail for your company that was correctly addressed, if possible, please forward a scanned copy of this envelope to us so that we can clarify what went wrong.

Help us to help you!

The simplest way to ensure your mail is swiftly checked, sorted and forwarded to you is to use the address correctly. Make sure that letters include your business name and that the address is used only for the service purchased.