remove address from Companies House

Can you remove an address from Companies House records?

Under the Companies Act 2006 you can now request that an address for a company officer is suppressed. If a director’s or secretary’s home address has previously been provided to Companies House public records it is now possible to get this information removed from documents that are available to the public. This is referred to as suppressing the information.

Company officers that no longer want the company history to show their address can request for the address to be suppressed.

However, if you have used your home address as the registered office for the company at any time this information cannot be removed from the public register. The registered office is part of the formal public records of a company.

The new rules allow you to have your address ‘obscured’ or blanked out on any public document recorded since 2003. In simple terms Companies House will place a black image over the relevant section of the document so that anyone downloading documents will not be able to see the address.

Company Formation

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Filing Forms at Companies House!

Form SR01 or LLSR01 needs to be requested form Companies House. At the time of writing it was not provided online. The completed form should be sent to Companies House with a fee of £55 for every instance where an address needs to be suppressed.

This may prove to be an expensive exercise, especially for older companies with a lot of filing history and if there are a lot of company officers that would like their address to be suppressed.

Our Point of View

For many years directors have declared their home address on the public register as this was a legal requirement prior to the Companies Act 2006 being introduced. In the vast majority of cases this has not caused any problems. For some companies operating in more sensitive business areas that may attract unwanted attention the suppressing of a directors home address from any public documents held at Companies House may be worth considering.