Business man checking text from SFS

Why have I received a text message from SFS?

If you receive a text with a link to this page we are missing identity documents for the service we provide to you or your business

We are legally required to hold identity documents for clients and businesses we supply services to. We are currently missing some documents for the service we provide for you or your business. Without these documents we are not permitted to continue the services.

We only send our registered clients text messages and emails regarding the services we supply to that client.

Below you will find further information regarding the issue and how to resolve it.

Please contact us to find out which identity documents are missing for your service. We will have sent emails detailing what is required but if you have not received these please contact us to discuss and provide an up to date email address. If you do not want us to cancel your service please do not delay contacting us.

Important notice – if you take no action the service will be closed shortly. Any clients with a mail forwarding service from one of our addresses will need to make alternative arrangements for the address. Mail we receive for closed services is automatically returned to sender. We do not hold mail for closed services.

You can opt in/out of receiving these notices by text by logging into your account or by calling us.

Thank you for taking the time to review this notice.