Business man checking text from SFS

Why have I received a text message from SFS?

If you receive a text with a link to this page your service has now been cancelled

Your services have now been cancelled. This may be at your request or a cancellation by us for a reason such as not renewing or incorrect identity documents. If you are happy for the service to be cancelled you do not need to take any further action. If you intended to continue with our services please contact us urgently to reactivate and resolve any outstanding issues.

We only send our registered clients text messages when they have not responded to an important email or phone call from us regarding the services we supply to that client. The text message is used as a final resort asking you to contact us before the service is cancelled.

Below you will find further information regarding the issue and how to resolve it.

Your service has now been cancelled. If you contacted us to ask us to cancel this is simply a confirmation of your request. If you are not expecting your service to be cancelled please contact us urgently and we can reinstate services and resolve any outstanding issues.

Important notice – if you take no action the service will be closed in the next few days. Any clients with a mail forwarding service from one of our addresses will need to make alternative arrangements for the address. Mail we receive for closed services is automatically returned to sender. We do not hold mail for closed services.

We will not send any further reminders regarding this issue.

You can opt in/out of receiving these notices by text by logging into your account or by calling us.

Thank you for taking the time to review this notice.