country in a company name

Using England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland in a company name!

Companies House protect the use of ENGLAND, ENGLISH, WALES, WELSH, SCOTLAND, SCOTTISH, NORTHERN IRELAND or NORTHERN IRISH when used in a company name.

The main requirement to to include a country in a company name is that the registered office must be located in that country. For example, ABC CONSULTING WALES LTD would need to have a Welsh registered office. When the word is included in your company name, but is not at the start, then you simply need to use the correct registered office address.

Should your preferred company name imply a connection to the UK government, it may be rejected. If Companies House believe people could misinterpret the company to be a government organisation they will not allow the name to be registered. You would need to obtain written approval form the relevant government department confirming they agree to the registration of your company name. This document can be a physical letter or an email from the government department.

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The company name cannot imply pre-eminence!

Companies are not allowed to use a name that suggests they are the nation’s best or that they are leaders in their area of business.

When using a country name at the beginning of your company name it implies your company is pre-eminent or substantial in your sector. For example, the company name SCOTTISH LEGAL SERVICES LTD suggests the company is the main legal service in Scotland. It would therefore be unlikely to be permitted by Companies House. To incorporate the company with a name implying pre-eminence, you will need to provide a written letter of no-objection or support from an independent organisation, governing body or trade association. They need to confirm you have the authority to register your company using your chosen name.

If you simply want to be recognised as a Scottish firm, then LEGAL SERVICES SCOTLAND LTD is more appropriate. Companies House would only ask that yo have a registered office in Scotland.

Our Point of View!

Companies that want to include a a county in a company name can do so quite easily. They can add the country to the middle or end of the name. It cannot be at the start unless you are genuinely a leader in the field and have supporting evidence.

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If you want to include ENGLAND, WALES, SCOTLAND or NORTHERN IRELAND in your company name, you can register it online. As long as you do not want to use a country at the start of the name, you need no special approval, just an address in that country.

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