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What happens if my company formation is rejected by Companies House?

Occasionally a company formation is rejected by Companies House during the company formation process.

When you have submitted your company to Companies House, several checks will take place. Our website will check for basic errors in the submission and identify missing data. Companies House will then review the submission to make sure it meets the requirements of the Companies Act 2006 and subsequent legislation. The name of the company will be checked for availability and suitability. Company officer information and addresses are reviewed. If for any reason the details you have submitted are not accepted by Companies House, your application will be rejected with an explanation.

If your company formation is rejected, fear not. Most applications can be easily amended and resubmitted.

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Why do companies get rejected?

The name is already on the register. Whilst our system checks all company names before submission there are occasions when a company name gets past our checks. For example the company names QWERTY COM LIMITED and QWERTYCOM UK LIMITED are deemed to be the same as QWERTYCOM LIMITED by Companies House. This similarity would not be recognised by the machine name check on our website but a person at Companies House will see this as too similar.

The name contains a sensitive word. There are many words that are protected by Companies House. If your company name contains a sensitive word like, KING, ROYAL, DENTIST, ASSOCIATION etc. then it may be rejected. For more details on sensitive words please see the following link – Sensitive Words Companies House

Your details may be incomplete. If your application has some data missing (address, date of birth, etc.) then it may be rejected.

A business address has been given as a home address. If a home address looks commercial Companies House will question if it is the persons actual residential address. A home address must be supplied when requested but you can still use a commercial address as the directors service address.

Your share structure may be incorrect. Occasionally clients enter shares with a value of less than £0.01 per share. Unfortunately this is not permitted by Companies House.

You have appointed a person under 16 as a company officer. This is not allowed under the Companies Act 2006.

You have appointed another company to be the only director of the company. Sole corporate officers are not allowed under the Companies Act 2006.

Our Point of View?

Do not worry if your company formation is rejected. Simply contact us for assistance. Our customer service team are trained to resolve all rejected applications and will provide the best advice.

Re-submitting your company formation!

If your company is rejected for any reason, then we will resolve the matter as quickly as possible. We can:

Change the company name and resubmit the application
Add supporting data to a sensitive or restricted company name if required
Correct the data submitted
Amend officer appointments
Adjust share capital

We do not charge for any basic re-submission of companies. We will undertake the necessary work to ensure that your company is formed as quickly as possible with no additional fees. You will only pay once for your company formation with us.  

Free re-submission of rejected companies! We’re here to help.