What is a registered office?

What is a Registered Office?

The registered office is the official address recorded by Companies House for UK companies, limited partnerships and LLP’s. Companies House will display the address on the public register and use this address when communicating with the company.

All UK companies (LTD’s) and limited liability partnerships (LLP’s) are legally required to have a UK registered office. The registered office address is the main point of communication for Companies House and HMRC. These two government bodies will always write to a company’s official address.

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How does the registered office work?

In a typical year several notices and reminders are posted to companies to remind them of their statutory duties. This includes notices to file accounts, confirmation statements and to submit company tax returns.

The address must be effective at all times. This means that the address must be genuine and able to accept mail on behalf of the company. If a letter is sent to the registered address is should be delivered without issue. In general, a PO Box address is not permitted and you cannot use a Royal Mail post box as your companies address. When an address is found to be ineffective Companies House may take action against the company.

Some businesses can benefit from using a registered office service provider. Using a reputable company address such as ours as your official registered office will ensure your company meets its legal requirements.

Our Point of View!

The registered office address of every registered UK company is added to a public database. This can be viewed online at Companies House by anyone around the world. Some owners prefer to keep their personal details a little more private and use a service provider like ourselves.

How to change your registered office to ours?

Changing the company’s address is simple. All you have to do is file form AD01 at Companies House. You can file this online at Companies House website or by posting a paper version of the form to Companies House.

If you would like us to provide you with a registered office service, please visit our ordering page and choose your preferred address.

For any further advice on using our services do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors.