registered office service

What is included in the registered office service?

In simple terms, you can use our business address for your company at HMRC and Companies House. You get to keep your address away from public records.

The registered office service includes the forwarding of mail from Companies House and HMRC. These two government organisations will always write to the registered address held on their records. If your company has a letter, notice or document ‘served’ at the registered office address then we will also forward this mail to you.

In simple terms we will forward mail from an official government office that will only communicate with the registered office directly. Any other mail is not included in the registered office service.

Registered Office Service

£4000Per Year
  • For Companies and LLPs

Is all mail included in the service?

We may, as a courtesy, forward an item of non-government business mail to you. However, normal business mail that is not included within the service is returned to sender. Unfortunately it is not possible for us to contact individual clients when general business mail is received. This is simply too administrative and may affect the efficiency of our service. If our address is used correctly there should be no confusion by your banks, customers and suppliers. We provide this service to thousands of customers that experience no problems with mail.

There are several government bodies that will write to any address and you should always provide them with your physical address to avoid confusion. Mail from DVLA, IPO, Nominet and the Passport office is not included. We do not allow cars to be registered at our address and DVLA mail will be returned to sender.


How to use the address?

When using our registered office address you are legally required to display the address on official stationery and websites. We recommend that you place our address discreetly at the footer of your documentation and at the bottom of a contact page on your website. Your actual mailing address should be clearly displayed on stationery and websites. This will avoid any mail being inadvertently sent to our office..

Why are registered address services required?

Every company or LLP registered at Companies House must provide an official address. This ‘registered address’ is added to a public register for everyone to access. Home based businesses like to keep their address private, overseas customers need a UK office and some people move locations frequently. Whatever the reason for you needing our service, we are happy to help. 

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