different address services

We offer different types of address services!

Providing a wide range of different address services for businesses. We make a clear distinction between the ‘registered address’ service and our ‘virtual address’  service.

The ‘registered address’ service is a defined service specifically for use by LTDs and LLPs that are registered at Companies House. The ‘virtual address’ service is a wider service that allows businesses to use our address as their own.

This page explains the differences, benefits, restrictions or limitations of the different address services we supply.

Registered Office Services

From £4000
  • Companies House and HMRC Mail

Registered Address Service

In simple terms, the ‘Registered Address’ service is restricted to mail sent by government departments that will only write to the address recorded at Companies House. Typically, Companies House and HMRC will write to your company at the ‘registered office address’. This is a legal term used for the address of limited companies (LTDs) and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s) registered at Companies House.

This address service is therefore only designed for government mail and legal notices. In the unfortunate event of legal action being taken against your company, we will allow legal correspondence to be received and forwarded. For most business the service normally includes mail from Companies House and HMRC.

Virtual Address Service

We offer two types of virtual address services. Customers can choose a fixed price service or for those with higher volumes of mail, they can select the flexible service.

Fixed Price

This service allows you use the address as both the registered office and as a general business address. It also includes the service address for directors. You choose how many items of mail you want us to include in the fixed price service and we will forward and up to that number of items for up to 12 months.

This ‘Virtual Address’ service is for general business mail (not parcels or goods) to be received and forwarded. We will forward any letter type post up to 1kg per item whether it is received from a government department or not. The mail must be addressed to the company or person you have asked us to receive mail for.

Flexible Service

Businesses expecting more than 100 letters per year should select this flexible service. This is for your general business mail and covers forwarding all non-government mail up to 1kg per item but no goods (only letter type post). This flexible service does not include using the address at Companies House as the registered address so if this is required you will need to purchase our registered address service in addition to the flexible virtual address service

service address for directors

Directors Service Address!

The Directors Service Address is a legal term and allows directors of UK registered limited companies or LLP’s to declare a service address at Companies House. This address is the one Companies House will allow members of the public to see when they carry out a director search on a company or LLP.

Clients purchasing our registered office address service are allowed to use our address free of charge for their directors or LLP members as their service address on Companies House records. This service is not a general mail forwarding address service for those directors or members. Our directors service address does not permit you to publicly advertise the address anywhere other than on Companies House as a ‘service address’. When entering the service address at Companies House the first line of the address must be entered as ‘C/O Your company name’ so we can identify the mail.

If you intend to use the service address to allow your customers or other businesses to write to your directors or LLP members then you must purchase a ‘Virtual Address’ from us as this will cover the non government mail sent to a directors service address.

Why use our service?

We have been providing address services for over 20 years. We are trusted by thousands of businesses who use our locations as their registered office or virtual address.

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