PO Box registered address

Can I use a PO Box as a registered address?

The general rule is that you cannot use a PO Box as a company’s registered office. It is important that a company’s official address is real and can be found by a member of the general public.

It is not permitted to use a Royal Mail PO Box service or a third party address that is incomplete. The only time a PO Box address can be used is when a full address including house number and road name is also supplied. For example PO Box 123, 5 The High Street, London. This implies that within a physical address there is a physical Post Office Box service provider that can accept mail on behalf of the company.

If you purchase one of our registered address services there is no need to use a PO Box, you simply use our full address as if you were actually located there.

Do You Need a Registered Office?

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Should you use a PO Box address for your company!

There are registered office service providers that offer PO boxes within genuine addresses. It should be noted that a PO Box or Suite number included in your address does not look professional in some circumstances. Whilst some people will have no problem adding a PO Box number to an address it can cause unnecessary concern for your customers. Would you buy from a business that has a PO Box as its main legal address?

Most business owners prefer to use a reputable mail service if using a service address as the registered office. This will ensure the following points-

  • All government mail is accepted at the address
  • The office is genuine location that can be visited
  • The address is professional and not unusual or in the middle of nowhere
  • Customers can find the address on search engines and Royal Mail find postcode searches
  • The address can be found on map searches
  • If your company has a letter hand delivered it will be accepted by a real person, in a real office, in office attire.

If your company could benefit from a genuine registered office service then get in touch with SFS. We can provide a professional address service that your company deserves.

Our Point of View!

You want your business address to look professional, genuine and not scare off customers. If your business is not a household name or well known within your industry, expect people to research your business before handing over money for your goods or services. Your contact page should have UK phone numbers and a recognised business address.

Get a Genuine Address for Your Business!

If your company could benefit from a genuine registered office service then get in touch with SFS. All of our offices are real. You do not need to use box numbers or suite numbers. We are the professional service your company deserves. 

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