An Ideal Location for Your Business

Choosing the perfect registered office address is vital for UK companies. It’s a legal need and sets the tone for your business. Coventry, centrally located and bustling with business, is an ideal choice. Small Firms Services (SFS) offers a great deal, starting at only £40.00 + VAT per year.

Affordable and Effective

The Strategic Advantage of Coventry’s Location:

Coventry’s central UK location makes it perfect for businesses. It’s close to major hubs, offering both prestige and practical benefits.

The Cost-Effectiveness of SFS’s Coventry Address Service:

SFS’s Coventry service is budget-friendly, starting at just £40.00 + VAT annually. This includes all official government mail forwarding, keeping costs transparent and manageable.

More Than Just an Address

Service Inclusions and Benefits:

This service is comprehensive. It covers forwarding official mail from Companies House, HMRC, and more. The fee covers all postage, with no hidden costs. Directors can also use this address, adding to your business’s professional image.

Privacy and Professionalism:

In our digital world, privacy is key. SFS’s Coventry address helps keep your home address off public records. It’s a smart move for privacy-minded business owners.


SFS’s Coventry registered office address offers a balance of cost, convenience, and professionalism. Ideal for startups or established companies, it’s a step towards enhancing your business presence.

What is included in the service?

We understand a Registered Office Address is used by government organisations to communicate important notices to your company. We include the forwarding of government mail from HMRC and Companies. On receipt of mail, we add new postage and your actual address before it is sent to your preferred address!

  • Letters and notices from Companies House, HM Revenue & Customs

  • Legal notices and official registered office mail

  • Postage costs included in the annual fee – nothing more to pay

  • Directors service address – directors can use the address as their service address at Companies House

Choose your new company address today


£40a year
  • Great Value
  • City Centre Location
  • Use the Address Immediately


6000£a year
  • Central Location
  • Prestigious Address
  • England’s Capital City


£7500a year
  • Perfect for Scottish Companies
  • Capital of Scotland
  • Instantly Your Address