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Find your Companies House form!

If you need to update information for your company of LLP, you will need to complete the correct Companies House form. It is not possible to do this by phone. We recommend that whenever possible, you complete forms online using Companies House web filing service. It is safer, quicker and you receive a confirmation that the form has been accepted.

If you need to submit a paper version by post, you will find below a selection of Companies House forms that you may find useful.

Changing Registered Office

Appointing Officers

To appoint a new director or secretary to a company there are several versions of the same form depending on who is being appointed.

Terminating Officers

To terminate or remove a director or secretary from a company.

These forms can be used to terminate either a person appointed as a director or a corporate director.

Changing Officer Details

To change an existing director or secretary’s details there are several forms.

Dormant Accounts

To file dormant accounts for a company if there has been no trading activity during the financial period.

Annual Returns

The annual return was replaced by the Confirmation statement from 30th June 2016.

Confirmation Statement

Every company needs to file a Confirmation Statement from 30th June 2016 at Companies House every 12 months.

Person with significant control (PSC)

UK limited companies are required to provide a record of the individuals or companies who are the beneficial owners.

Dissolve a Company

To strike a company off the register or to dissolve the company.

Issue More Shares

To issue more shares in a company after it has been incorporated.

Share Transfer

To transfer shares within a company.

Filing Documents Online

Many Companies House forms can be filed online using the web filing service. The following guide provides advice on registering with Companies House for web filing-

More Companies House Forms?

There are hundreds of Companies House forms for LLPs, LTDs, LPs, and PLCs. You can locate all of these on Companies House website. For any advice completing Companies House forms please call 03031234500.