dentist in a company name

Using dentist in a company name!

Use of the word DENTIST, DENTAL SURGEON, DENTAL PRACTITIONER, DENTAL or DENTISTRY are considered to be sensitive by Companies House. Use of these words or phrases in a company name are controlled by the general dental council and the Dental act 1984.

Companies House will not allow you to use any of these words in any part of your company name without providing written confirmation from the General Dental Council (GDC). This need to be a written letter or email correspondence direct from the GDC. You must contact them to request approval of your company name including the word or phrase and you can only move forward with the incorporation application if they confirm that they have no objection.

It is essential that the letter from the GDC clearly shows your full company name and states they approve of it or have no objection to its use.

Company Formation

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Contacting the GDC!

To request approval to use the word DENTAL or DENTISTRY you can write to the following address:

General Dental Council
Registration Development
37 Wimpole Street

For approval to use the phrases DENTIST, DENTAL SURGEON or DENTAL PRACTITIONER you can write to the following address:

The Registrar
General Dental Council
37 Wimpole Street

Dentists can email to request approval for all words and phrases.

We suggest using the email above to contact them as this will provide the quickest response. Once you have obtained the approval form the general dental council the supporting document will need to be submitted alongside your application.

Protected names!

Use of dentist in a company name is classed as 'sensitive'. Companies House restrict some company names to prevent misuse and to protect the public. If you are a registered dentist, obtaining permission should be simple.

Register your dentist company online!

If you have obtained the letter of approval from the GDC, you can process your application online. Enter your company formation details online like any other company registration. You can then upload the letter of approval before you submit the information to Companies House.  

Simple, Quick, Company Formation! Forming a company with dentist in the name is simple!