money laundering regulations

What is an identity audit?

The anti Money Laundering Regulations (MLR) require us to regularly review or audit the identity documents we hold on file for our clients. This is to ensure we can be confident the records we hold are up to date, accurate and comply with our legal obligations under this legislation.

If you have a service with us from time to time we may review our internal records connected to your service and if we feel the identity documents are out of date or no longer match the records we hold of Companies House hold we will ask for new documents to be supplied.

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How do I know if my identity documents have been audited and what will happen?

We audit our records on a regular basis and also whenever we need to interact with a clients file. If at that time the identity documents are very old or no longer match names and addresses on our records or possibly Companies House records we will ask for new identity documents.

We usually send an email to a client advising them we have audited the file and noted further or new identity documents are required. As we do not always need full documentation we will edit our system so it knows what is now required and a follow up email will be sent with more specific information on what is required. If you do not receive a follow up email or prefer to know exactly what ID is required immediate please contact us and we can give you this information.

As we are legally required to hold up to date ID on file we have to give a 14 day timescale for the supply of the documents or we may need to temporarily suspend the service until we have the documents on file. Please contact us if you need more time to avoid any interruption to your service.