registered office mail

What mail is sent to the registered office address?

The registered office address is held on record by Companies House and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) as the official address for the company. They will send all official correspondence to the registered office address.

Each year your company will receive several letters or notices from HMRC and Companies House. When we receive mail at our address from these two government bodies, we will forward the letters to you at your forwarding address. Your forwarding address remains private between you and us.

Registered Office Service

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What mail will your company receive?

Companies registered at Companies House can expect to receive several letters each year. These may include-

Letters from HMRC

  • CT41G – Corporation tax new company details (for newly registered companies)
  • CT600 – Corporation Tax reminder
  • Reminder to pay your corporation tax and payment instructions.

Letters from Companies House

  • Notice to file accounts
  • Notice to file the confirmation statement
  • Authentication codes for new companies when requested
  • Occasionally other government notices or updates

When a company is not ‘in good standing’ further notices will also be sent. Late filing penalty notices, strike off action warnings and letters of advice may be sent to companies that do not file documents in a timely fashion. Companies House may also write to the directors at the registered office address.

The number of letters sent will depend on how prompt your company directors are in filing their documents each year. It must be stressed that it is a director’s responsibility to know their filing deadlines and not the government’s job to provide reminders. Not receiving a reminder is not sufficient grounds to appeal against a penalty. The requirements to file accounts and documents with Companies House or HMRC do not change year on year.

Display the correct addresses

UK companies must display their registered office address on stationery and electronic communication. If you also have a separate address that you use for other business communication, make sure your include this on letters and websites etc.

What about other business mail?

Other organisations will write to your business from time to time. Banks, utility service providers, local councils and other businesses will want to contact your business. If you purchase a registered address service from us this will only cover the items of mail stated on this page. If you also want to receive mail from non-government organisations and your customers through our address then you should purchase one of our fixed price or flexible price virtual address service.

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