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ID Checks When Renewing Services!

Providing address services to our customers means we have to request and check identification documents. When services are due for renewal we may contact you for new documentation. Whilst we appreciate this may cause you some additional administration it is part of Anti Money Laundering (AML) Policy to conduct checks on existing customers.

In simple terms we must ‘know our client’. This makes the address safe for all our customers and protects our reputation.

Anti-Money Laundering regulations must be followed by all UK based address service providers and company formation agents. We are monitored by HMRC to ensure compliance and face penalties for failure to comply.

You can read more about MLR and why we need ID on our MLR FAQ pages.

Question Mark, why is ID required?
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Why are we requesting new documents?

There are several reasons we need to request new identification from existing customers-

Out of Date ID – The documents that you previously provided are now out of date or no may longer be suitable as ID or proof of address.

Change of Address – You may have moved address and we need new proof of address.

Annual Review – HMRC request that we conduct annual reviews of customer’s identification and update our AML policy each year.

Spot Checks – HMRC requests that our AML Policy includes random spot checks on customers.

If we have requested up to date or new identification documents it is most like due to one of the above reasons.

We may request new ID for any director, partner, shareholder or person with significant control-

1) Passport photo page or photo driving licence

2) Utility bill or bank statement in the person’s name showing their home address (NOT mobile phone bill)

3) If we are forwarding mail to a third party address that is not your home address also please supply a utility bill for the address or additional proof that you use the address.

UK customers – We only require copies and would prefer scanned versions by email sent to Alternatively please post identification to us at our Coventry address as detailed below.

Non-UK customers – On renewal of services we require a scanned copy of an up to date utility bill or bank statement showing current residential addresses if the address has not changed since the service started with us. If the residential address has changed we required a notarised copy by post. If photo ID documents have expired we will require up to date notarised copies by post. Please note we can not return the notarised documents to you.

Occasionally we may request that UK customers provide original documents by post for checking.

What if customers do not provide ID?

The answer is simple! – No ID, no services.If we request identification from a customer and they refuse to provide it, HMRC would not expect us to continue providing services. This may also need to be reported as a suspicious activity.